"They are phenomenal as individuals, but unforgettable as an ensemble [...] we should all keep an eye on this company.”

Shakespeare: Reloaded is an international theatre collective, active in Berlin since November 2017 and, as of summer 2019, also a registered association with e.V. status.

Our commitment is to reshaping iconic classic texts into fearless, ferocious productions that speak to a contemporary audience.


We are a community of over 20 international artists from diverse, non-traditional artistic backgrounds, and we are constantly growing: we provide a platform to performers from all walks of life and from more than ten countries, from Brazil to Bulgaria, with a broad range of skills in acting, directing, playwriting, music and dance.


Our rehearsal room approach is a holistic method based on a variety of different techniques, with a strong foundation in physical theatre.

We believe in creating strong ensembles for our productions and all our shows are usually developed over the course of 6-8 months, allowing the performances to evolve by moulding both the actors and the director’s collective skills and experiences together, to create a combined voice and perspective, unlike anything that a single creator could achieve alone. That’s what makes our performances so distinctly innovative.

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