Upcoming Productions

Romeo and Juliet​ Reloaded

Aug 20 - 21st 2022- The Dell at the Royal Shakespeare Company

ROMEO & JULIET RELOADED is a punchy, upbeat reimagining of Shakespeare’s original playtext, set in West Berlin in the 1980s.

English-language theatre ensemble Shakespeare Reloaded is based in Berlin, Germany. They remain committed to reshaping iconic classic texts into fearless, ferocious productions that speak to a contemporary audience.


‘They are phenomenal as individuals but unforgettable as an ensemble.’ – Broadway Baby.

Entry to performances at the Dell is free of charge. Do consider supporting us through our fundraiser

Cast list for The Dell Festival

Juliet – Laura Witz
Nurse – Natalia S.
Lady Capulet – Anna Ackerman
Paris – Jonas Kakerlake
Tybalt – Annie Snack
Larry – Olivia Cole
Romeo – Natalie Szende
Mercutio – Luca Papp

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