We are recruiting!

Acting & Performance Course

16th September - 2nd December 2020

Berliner Schule für Schauspiel

Boxhagener Str. 18, 10245 Berlin

Starting from September, the theatre company Shakespeare: Reloaded are running acting and performance classes, with the goal of putting on a showcase at the end of the year. As is S:R tradition, we’ll be exploring ways of performing Shakespearean scenes with a fun, contemporary edge. All levels of experience are welcomed. We’ll be looking at various theatre skills including characterisation, ensemble work and text analysis. All that's needed is fluency in (modern!) English and a willingness to try out new things, we can help you with the rest!


In the first half of the course, we will be working on general performance skills and testing out various Shakespeare scenes, investigating bold, exciting ways in which we can interpret them using the original text. Our company is known for finding fresh and original contexts for Shakespeare’s work, and we will be doing the same here.
In the second half of the course, we will be designating scenes between the members of our ensemble, which we will then develop and perfect until they are ready to present at the end-of-year showcase. We’ll be open to hearing suggestions from the group about which pieces they would like to work on.


Our classes will be every Wednesday from 20:00 to 22:00, at the Berlin Schule für Schauspiel. The first date is Wednesday 16th September and the final date is Wednesday 2nd December (12 weeks in total).

The exact dates and times of the showcase are TBC, but performers will need to be available on the evening of Friday 4th, and the weekend of 5th and 6th of December.

Our classes will take place over 12 weeks, with a total cost of €120.

To reserve your place, please email info@shakespeare-reloadedberlin.com. We will reply to each person with details on how to pay, until places fill up. In this instance, we’ll create a wait-list too.

We want to keep the classes accessible to everyone, so participants can either transfer €120 upfront, or you have the option of paying €60 now, and €60 at the end of October.
If you would like to be involved but need a more flexible payment schedule, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.



Who are you?

We are a Berlin-based theatre ensemble dedicated to reshaping classic theatre texts (yes, mainly Shakespeare) into exciting contemporary concepts. We perform shows in Berlin, and last year took one production on tour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. This year, due to 'technical difficulties' during spring/summer, we are replacing our 2020 production with an end-of-year Showcase featuring new members of our theatre community. We are really keen to expand our ensemble so if you are considering joining but have further questions, please do send us a message and we'd be glad to help.

I want to join but I am not available on ‘X' date, can I still take part?
Probably, yes. We ask that you are available on all Wednesday dates in November and December, in addition to the showcase weekend, as we need everyone present to rehearse scenes and perform. If there are earlier weeks where you are not available, please let us know when you book your place, and we will bear this in mind when planning the classes. You will still need to pay the full amount in order to cover our room and running costs.

Do I need to prepare anything?
Not really! Though in the final weeks you will need to learn some lines. Please make sure that you wear comfortable clothes to rehearse in, and bring water if you need it. We aren’t allowed outdoor shoes on the stage floor, so please bring whatever socks or alternative footwear you feel most comfortable with. You don’t need to have much knowledge about Shakespeare plays, we’ll be covering this as we go along.

When are you doing a full theatre production?
Our showcase takes the place of a full theatre show this year. In 2021, we have two shows planned, one in Spring/Summer and another in Autumn/Winter. If you would like to keep up to date with these shows, please make sure to follow us on social media, however we do like to work with people who have already interacted with us as a company. That’s one of the reasons we’re keen to expand our ensemble via the showcase this year!

What if there are further COVID-19 issues?
In the instance of any lockdowns or new government rules, we will refund participants for any classes we need to cancel.

Please note that we'll register your details for Contact-Tracing purposes and will provide this to the Gesundheitsamt if needed.